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Raccoons, Squirrels, Skunks, Wasp nests, Possums , Bats… and many more.  We are the experts with over 30 years of animal removal from homes, garages and facilities that they like to crawl in and call home.

Each removal is evaluated uniquely based on the type of pest and the situation.  Over 30 years of taking proper care of removing animals in the most human way…always!

Damage from the pests? No problem, we repair and seal the areas of entry and get your home back to normal!


Need Pest Control offers Animal and Pest Control Removal Services. Our team are pest control experts who have been removing unwanted critters from homes and businesses for over 30 years!

About Us

We are Pest Control company that has been around for over 27 years. We are open 24/7. We remove all different kinds of wild animals from raccoons, bats, mice… and many more pests.  

Pest Removal

Need Pest Control removes many different kinds of animals from raccoons, squirrels, skunks, bees, bats, cockroaches, and many more. Each removal is evaluated uniquely based on the type of pest 


More times than not the reason you need a pest removed from your home is due to access or damage to your home. If not repaired its likely another animal will gain access to your home. 

What our clients are saying

I had a squirrel situation in my home. Need Pest Control was there and fixed it right away. I would recommend them if you have any pest issues as they were quick and put my wife at ease! I wasn’t sure what was worse, my wife upset or the family of squirrels in my home!
Adam OldField
Was extremely impressed with the efficiency and quick response I received when I called regarding a skunk in my shed. Need Pest Control staff was there quickly…and the skunk was safely removed. Staff was super friendly, and the rates were excellent. Hard to find this these days. I recommend this company over and above any others!
Grace Henderson
I had a horrible situation with Squirrels and nesting in the house. I called Need Pest Control at 7pm and they were attentive and quick to get back to me. Ron was amazing and they showed up the next day. The price was reasonable; but I didn’t want the family to get hurt. I watched as they carefully took care of the problem. I would high...
Barbara Sandoval
I was having a problem with Raccoons under my double wide mobile home. They tore out a lot of insulation and then had babies between the insulation barrier and floor. I called Need Pest Control and they came out the same day, which was a Sunday, and set a trap for the mother Racoon. She was caught around 9pm and I called them to let them know...
Adam OldField
We found bats flying inside our house late at night. Called Ron and they came right-the-way and finally caught the bat at mid-night. Then, they spent extra time to inspect the house for other bats before leaving. This is great service, quick response, and extra effort to make sure everyone is safe. They came the next day and start to seal the house...
Ting Tsui
We had bats in the Attic and I was scared as I’ve been hearing that rabies are rampid. I called need Pest Control, and Ron was very pleasant on the phone. They came the next day took a look at the house. They were able to remove the bats in addition repaired the area where they got in. The cost was reasonable and I feel much better now at nig...
Suzanne Smith

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